Laying the foundation of success

We as government have spent the last 4 years focused on building and creating infrastructure: roads, power generation, ports, building hospitals and schools and tertiary education institutions.

Many have decried us for this focus trying to tell you that we haven’t been focused on the economy – Well what all economists and great nations focused on growth know – Infrastructure development is a vital component in encouraging a country’s economic growth.

We know this and we have delivered!

Ensuring Ghana’s Success and future position as a regional powerhouse is a bit like building a house:

Once you have a plan you start by laying a strong foundation, it is the basis upon which you build the house and it needs to be strong to ensure it can support the house for many years. The foundation connects the entire house together – without a foundation your house will collapse.

We know that if a Nation is to achieve its potential it needs modern infrastructure that links everyone together and provides a strong foundation to provide education, health care, clean water, power and communications so that business can thrive and jobs can be created!

Life changing projects

Not only have the projects we have undertaken created employment during the life of the project but they have opened up a wealth of opportunity once complete.

They have literally changed lives.

Roads, railways and ports connect products to markets & markets to product and in the case of the work we have been doing these markets have expanded beyond our borders to ECOWAS.

Whilst others have talked about growing the economy we have got on with doing just that – building a solid foundation ensuring Ghana Economic future

Access to water is a basic human right and we are working hard to make sure that every citizen in Ghana has access to clean running water. We have added 92 Kilometers of water pipes and built 4 new reservoirs. Water will be the Gold of the future we are working towards a future where clean running water is available to every citizen of Ghana.

We have built thousands of kilometres of roads linking our agricultural produce to our cities and our ports. This means our farmers can get faster, easier access to the markets.

We have upgraded our intersections to ensure the safety of our citizens and to ease traffic flow. With Ghana’s growth has come significant challenges in terms of congestion and we are working hard at easing this through our road projects.

We have built railways to ensure speedy access to ports from the regions to export our produce. Making sure we can take advantage of the upgraded ports to get our product to the regional and international markets.

We have a vision that Ghana will become a logistical center for distribution of products across the region and to do that we need to have good roads – efficient railways and world class ports. We have upgraded our ports and created several free ports to stimulate the economy in those areas.

Our airports are becoming the envy of the region and this supports our tourism industry and facilitates business trade. All this activity creates jobs and grows the economy.

Others talk about changing lives – we deliver.

Paving the way for Ghana’s future

We know there is more to be done BUT we have a clear plan, the experience and determination to do more! As it is we already have a plan in place to spend 13 bill Cedis on another 184 infrastructure projects, we are already geared to open the Sankofa Oil and Gas Field next year.

We believe that our investment in infrastructure positions us to be a leader in ECOWAS for Education, Health Care, Agriculture and Power as well as serving all Ghanaians for a healthier happier future.

Others talk about doing great things – We Deliver!


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